Gatesbield Quaker Housing Association Ltd Supporting older people for more than 35 years


The Association aims to meet local Sheltered Housing needs by offering rented accommodation to:

  • Members and listed Attenders of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)
  • Non-Quakers sympathetic with Quaker principles

The lettings are normally distributed equally between these two groups.

The success of Gatesbield is dependent upon thought and consideration by residents for others at all times. This consideration particularly relates to noise at unreasonable hours.

Tenants are not allowed to keep pets except with prior express permission of the Board of Management.

A Meeting for Worship after the manner of the Religious Society of Friends is held in Gatesbield House each Sunday at 10.30am, to which tenants and the public are warmly welcomed.


New tenants are expected to be completely independent, which means in the simplest terms that they should be able to:

  • Manage their own financial affairs (or have help)
  • Keep their flat clean (or have help)
  • Manage their personal care (or have help)
  • Cope with their laundry (or have help)
  • Manage medication without aid or confusion (or have help)

Tenants are expected to furnish their own flat, which is to be kept in good decorative order at their own expense.

Two sponsors are required to signify their willingness to accept responsibility for the welfare of the tenant. In particular, if the tenant loses their independence to a significant degree, and if the Board of Management so desires, the sponsors will be required to help them to find more suitable accommodation elsewhere.

Any tenancy may be terminated by the tenant giving four weeks notice in writing. On termination, any redecoration and dilapidation other than fair wear and tear will be the responsibility of the outgoing tenant or their personal representative.

Eligibility Criteria

These flats were built as retirement homes for the active elderly. Applicants should be in that category, and be in need of this specific type of accommodation. The following will be taken into account when selecting a tenant:

  • The suitability of their present accommodation
  • Social Need - loneliness, isolation, etc
  • Degree of independence and the capacity to look after themselves
  • The ability to live amicably and constructively in a community


Rents are fixed annually by the Association. The Wardening and most communal services such as the maintenance of the grounds, weekly transport to the local supermarket, the cleaning of common spaces and the external windows, use of the laundry, external lighting and all insurances except contents insurance for the flats are included.


When a vacancy occurs, up to three applicants from the appropriate list will be notified and visited in their own homes by the Scheme Manager and a member of the Selection Group, who will subsequently make the selection. All interviewees will be notified of the result.

Applying to become a Tenant

If you are interested in becoming a Tenant at Gatesbield, please contact the Scheme Manager in the first instance.